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What is People & Places?


The role of social care is gradually changing. We seem to be returning to a place where investment in community collateral is increasing and giving people the opportunity to be supported more locally to where they live, more common place. Individuals and their families will increasingly be looking to Local Authorities to support them with the tools and information they need.

10 steps to online success for a person their family, their friends and community:-

  • Build their on-line profile
  • List their interests and things they want to achieve
  • Create or join local groups
  • Search for and share activities in the area
  • Design their PCP and watch it come to life
  • Maintain friendships and make new ones
  • Keep in contact through messaging and multimedia
  • Gather evidence of their achievements against PCP goals
  • Take ownership of their life using the activity planner
  • Record their memories in their own private diary

Find out more

If you would like to organise an online demonstration or just find out more please contact:-


Self-Directed support (SDS) is about having choice and control over the services and support people receive. It does not mean they need to opt out of current service and take a direct payment or personal budget.

The tools in People and Places (PAP) can help people manage their current services and enable them to see how they can actively ‘contribute’ to the person’s chosen life outcomes.

Social care is changing - service users want their support to be delivered in their own home and local community. Local Authorities are responding well with new service directories and e-market tools. This is where PAP excels as it provides service users and non-eligible people who are in danger of social isolation within a community to connect with each other on a secure community portal.

A sponsored community platform provides a place where everyone can come together in a safe but spontaneous way.

Often care providers purchase internal systems to hold client information and support them with their personal targets. The sad thing is that these individual systems don’t provide the opportunity for their clients to ever meet users of other services, as they have their own system.

A People and Places (PAP) community platform securely provides everyone with the opportunity to find new friends and people who share similar interests, it does not matter who the support provider is.

From the member’s/service user perspective it removes data protection barriers that prevent services coordinating their approaches, whilst maintaining security. This enables people to get more choice and control over their lives by sharing as much or as little of their data as they wish.

An account is there for a person’s life journey. They can take it with them from school to college. In adulthood it stays with them whereas providers and day services may change over time. With their life history never being lost in transition whilst they collect a rich and vibrant communication resource to inform those around them how they would like their care and support delivered.

Planning (PCP)

A wise man once said “You can’t plan for a journey if you don’t know where you are going”

Person Centred Planning (PCP) is at the heart of everything we do, by using many of the person centred tools available online like Helen Sanderson templates , individuals and their families are able to identify for themselves:-

  • Where do I want to be in 5 years time? Have a go at a PATH template
  • What does a good week look like – what support needs to be in place to make it happen - Map your week here
  • Who are the people around me - Circle of support template here
  • What’s working – and needs to stay the same
    What’s not working – and needs to change templates here
  • What is important to someone – and must be recognised
    What is important for someone – and essential for their wellbeing templates here
  • How someone communicates - template here
  • What routines help them feel safe and in control
  • After gathering this information from all of the different people in their lives, the next step is to identify their goals, set targets (tags) and actions for different people/services to take forward

All of this can be done using the support planning tools in the individuals People and Places (PAP) account.

Once set up, the unique software does the rest. A person simply writes in their Diary and Tags the entries. PAP automatically helps them and their support provider (personal assistant) to collate their achievement against their goals and you can review them online 24/7 – 365.

Circle of Support (CoS)

When a relative moves out of the family home often a circle of support develops, which is made up of family members, friends and those who help deliver services to a person. PAP is a very useful resource for a CoS who manage a personal budget or individual service fund. The platform offers a secure online hub for all those who have an active part in supporting the person to maintain contact, coordinate their service delivery and build on each other’s success.

When a relative moves into supported living or a residential setting, families feel they need a way of being able to oversee the support package being delivered and ensure that their relative’s person centred plan is driving the day to day choices that the individual is supported to make.

People and Places has many different ways of supporting families to do this.


A person can:-

  • Search and find new friends that have shared interests such as football or photography
  • Share support costs and find someone to pool their direct payment for things like Volunteering or road training
  • Can collectively map their community and all the events, activities and opportunities within it. If they find something unsuitable for them they can share it on People and Places (PAP) as it could be just right for other members in the community
  • Inform providers of services and activities of what they would like. PAP can collate interests by specific local areas and encourage providers to put activities in place
  • Share their experience to inspire others to try something new
  • Use the forum tools to provide feedback on services they receive and make suggestions to improve them

A Learning opportunity

A person can harness the services around them by asking others to teach them the skills they need to successfully use PAP to make connections and participate in their community:-

  • Computer course
  • Relationships, social skills
  • Basic literacy skills
  • Time management
  • Road skills
  • Using public transport
  • Money and budgeting skills
  • Photography and video making

Support to learn to network safely

To ensure the safety of all our members we have introduced levels of moderation to help people keep safe as well as provide guidance on the information they share throughout the site:-

  • No moderation - this member is somebody who is a confident internet user. They will have used other social network sites and understand the rules of posting content and choosing what is suitable to be shared and not shared.
  • Post moderation - the member can add content to the site and this information is published straight away. Every time the member publishes content, a message is posted to their buddy notifying them of the new updates. These updates can be checked very quickly by the buddy. If they are unsuitable to be shared, the status can be changed to unshared.
  • Pre moderation - a member can post content to the website, their content is displayed with a pending icon attached to it. Only once the buddy of the person has OK'd for the content to go live will everybody else see the content live on the website.

At any point these moderation levels can be changed, so as members develop the skills and confidence to stay safe on-line the level of moderation can be reduced (or increased).

Service Providers

Supported living is not just for people who are 'able'. Anyone, regardless of their ability, can be supported to live in their own home with the right support. Local housing associations can support this independence by providing the vital equipment and access to good communication links to the community.

There are many software tools on the market that provide good person centred planning and care management. People and Places (PAP) can offer a unique, secure and fun way to connect to your community and those in your community who are supported by other care providers.

Maintaining friendships and nurturing new and natural ones is an essential part of any care provider’s role. Isolation can affect even the busiest of people if they only have paid staff around them.

It is no longer acceptable for support providers to link their own clients together, however well-meaning this may be.

People and Places offers secure search tools to find old friends, activities, someone with similar interests/activities (with potential to share staffing), someone to pool a direct payment (DP) with giving the opportunity to make their personal budget go further.

Providers and Commissioners can:-

  • Offer CQC and excellent personalised approach to evidential* review of services
    (*with service user permission)
  • Use real time client PCP data to drive provider market and service design
  • Consult membership in many accessible media formats
  • The use of group announcements to promote health checks and deliver positive messages around a healthy life style
  • Provide a community approach to connecting service users within a community even when supported by different providers – never before achievable when providers use separate incompatible systems
  • Support all members with up to date information and news through groups
  • An inclusive site for non-eligible, yet still vulnerable adults that fall outside of services that can still benefit from the community mapping and resources available on the platform, perhaps providing vital groups to keep them from needing services, such as:-
    • Assistive technology solutions
    • Creative communities
    • Time banking (skill swapping schemes)
    • Find a house mate
    • Pool resources
    • Good stories library
    • Current consultations and feedback forum

Who's On-board

Below is a list of local communities that are already up and running on the People and Places application, on clicking on the urls they will open in a new window:-

Quotes from current users

“My mum is letting me be an adult, I show her my diary and she sees what I do each week. She likes the pictures that my support and I put in my diary. She phones me less to remind me about things. I can see what my friends have been doing; I can then choose the same activity next time.

I am on Facebook, but I find People and Places more fun! – So I am on both!”.

A Person with a Learning Disability

“Being safe on-line is really important; our members are extremely vulnerable and susceptible to people posing as their friends. We like the idea that this social network site is not only based in local communities and can only be joined by invitation or referral. The supportive moderation will help our members to gain the skills to use the internet. Making mistakes is how we learn, this site provides somewhere safe to do so”.

Advocacy Group

“It really works! It helps me to work in a more coordinator way with my colleagues; I really enjoy getting the spontaneous feedback from John’s family and other professional when I post photos with John in his diary about the progress he is making. John gives little feedback so it can be quite isolating work for me”.

A member of staff (supported living Care Provider)

“We are supporting someone to live in their chosen home just like a supported living setting so I can see how we could enhance our support to our residents with the sue of People and Place’s daily planner, the use of assistive technology in the building and our relationship with the day centre. The Local Authority is now asking us to provide more of the daily activities for our residents. The mapping tools and the networking opportunities on the site will help us to this successfully”.

A residential care home

“There has always seemed to be separate approaches here at the centre and with where a client lives. I can see how we could make transferring skills taught here at the centre much easier using the People and Places, pictures speak louder that works! It is so difficult to relay something through a home linked book. Valuable activities taking place here are lost. Many parent or care staff would find it so valuable, I’m sure”.

A manger of a day centre

“We have taken a personal budget for our son, but did not use an agency, it was near impossible to manage the day to day stuff as well as the 6 different personal assistants and volunteers that supported him. People and Places has ensured we can see at a glance what he is doing, when and who with. When reading his diary, we can see if he is achieving his outcomes in his person centred plan (PCP)”.

A family member

“We saw this as being a good tool to receive feedback from our tenants and for them to network amongst each other, but now we are beginning to see the huge potential in how it will support them to engage in their communities and with our help providing the computer technology, increase their independence”.

A housing association


A People and Places community wide platform can be sponsored by Local Authorities, CCGs, Education, Care and support providers, CiCs or local philanthropists.

To see examples of sponsored platforms please visit our 'Who's On-board' on site section of the site.

For Small Care and Support Providers and CICs, voluntary orgs – the starting price for an annual licence to have your own sponsored platform for your clients starts at as little as £300+ vat per annum.

For a County who wishes to take a Joint Local Authority/Health & Education approach by sponsoring a county wide platform across their Adult and Children’s services for as little as 50p per annum per person, please do get in touch to receive a quote.

For Schools and Colleges - we can offer the platform for as little as £10 per student per year. This also includes access for teachers, family members and external professionals/transition teams and all the tools you will need to run a full person centred review 365 days of the year with NO additional work involved.

For Schools or Colleges with over 50 students a 10% discount is applied, for example:-

  • 30 students = £300 per annum
  • 50 students = £450 per annum (includes 10% discount)
  • 75 students = £675 per annum (includes 10% discount)

It’s easy to have a sponsored platform, powered by the People and Places application we can provide a service/organisation with a branded website, on a url of your choice!

We apply your branding and logo to the landing pages of the site, you can also personalise the sub headings, images and content on the landing pages to promote your services. This gives you a place to tell people about your services before they register and request to join your platform.

Remember a People and Places account remains with the person for their life journey. The account simple moves from one ‘host’ platform to another as they progress through their pathway, i.e. School > College > Support Provider > Main PAP platform

This way nothing is lost in translation and between venues. Consistency in communication is maintained providing a smoother approach to transition.

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